MotoGiro d’Italia 2008

You can find out all sorts of stuff about the MotoGiro d’Italia on the web but our humble addition to the annals of its history is where Mac’s story starts.

I rode, with a colleague, to Italy in May 2008 to take part in that year’s ‘MotoGiro d’Italia’, an historic motorcycle endurance competition, on open roads, for pre ‘57 Italian motorcycles and classic motorcycles produced between ’68 and ’78. We rode to Rome, where the event started and finished, then across to the Adriatic (Vieste and Pescara) and back to Rome and then home. 3,500 miles in 2 weeks, during one of the wettest Mays on record but the most memorable riding through the French Alps and down through Italy, via the Futa Pass. We had a couple of tourist days in Bologna, Rome, Lake Como and Verdun in Northern France just to complete a magical trip. Here’s our ‘postcards’ of the trip…


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