The Chaps At Mac

Mr. Ellis Pitt

One of the Gaffers at Mac.

In the late 1970’s, Ellis was a schoolboy scrambler, coming last in most races on a secondhand Honda CR125 Elsinore, and spent most of his time in the pits, spannering his mate’s YZ450. A ‘felt-tip fairy’ by trade, Ellis has spent most of his working life in factories improving productivity. And as a general rule, his motorcycles have always lasted longer than his girlfriends.

Mr. Ian Oliver

One of the Gaffers at Mac.

In an attempt to forge a competitive motorcycling career, Ian’s formative years were spent rattling around scrambles tracks in the North-East of England but, he admits, this involved more time in St. John’s ambulances than on the podium. A die-hard engineer and enthusiast, if it’s remotely mechanical, Ian will take it apart and improve it.

Mr. Clive Goodwin

Keeper of the French curves at Mac.

Clive has spent 30+ years shaping all manner of consumer products, including vehicles and the occasional woman. During that time he split the London traffic on his beloved 60’s Vespa until some scallywag purloined it one day. The Vespa was followed by a 620 Monster and, as Clive admits, an extensive toolbox to keep it running. Nowadays, ‘Clive of Cornwall’ maintains and rents a small fleet of classic, air-cooled Vdubs which keeps him out of Mrs. Goodwin’s hair.

Mr. Matthew Welch

The proper engineer at Mac.

A Design Engineer by trade but a motorcyclist at heart, Matthew spent his childhood taking things apart to see how they worked then trying to rebuild them without any parts left over. Matthew has ridden in competitive trials from the age of 8 but, with the onset of middle age, the lure of pre 65 trials and vintage motorcycles is getting stronger by the day! If it has two wheels and an engine, it’ll take priority over most other things – just ask his wife!

Master Nathan Strefford

A proper mechanic.

Nathan is self-taught from childhood, learning from his elders at ‘Strefford Towers’. Although Nathan couldn’t ride a bicycle until about the age of 8, he’s competed in trials and circuit-racing. Podium places came from building and perfecting his own machines, as well as helping other competitors with their bikes.

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